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Every trader or investor can maximize his profits by minimize his cost of trade and getting the best rate in the live market ahead of others. We at TradeWalla are charging a flat brokerage of rs.20 per executed trade from our clients thereby minimize the cost of trades as compared to % brokerage charged by other brokers from their clients further we are providing them a faster platform for trading and putting them at a added advantage as compared to others.

Identifying Stock Chart Patterns

Share market or any kind of trading does have a pattern to it. The hardest part is to identify the pattern for your stock. It does not matter whether you are working with zero brokerage or low brokerage, but it is crucial that you understand stock chart patterns as an investor.
It is very easy to understand the basics of technical analysis and fundamental analysis from the bulk of resources available online. Whether you have a low investment account or high investment account you should know the support and resistance factor, triangles, reversals, trend lines and channel support.
You should as well know the events that will change the market direction. If you are working with a good online stock brokerage firm they will release information pertaining to market changes. There will be situations when the price will open for pretty high rates. There will be situations where the price for the same online stock will open for pretty low rates. It is important to understand how the market direction will trend in different gap situations in the online share market.
You need to have a keen understanding of when a bullish or bearing trend is over in the online trading process. You need to have an understanding of indicators when you are investing in the share market account. If your brokerage firm is going to handle your investment, even then it helps to know in depth to have an understanding of what they are actually doing.
Understanding the Volatility index will help you to identify the pattern in action at any point in time. Whether it is about strong uptrend or strong low trend, you can make use of guides for technical analysis to understand them. The market tends to have its own understanding of the price. Their sentiments as well evolve differently. You should know how to analyze trades as well. An insight into the process of adding trades to the account, marking mistakes and strategies, analyzing in to the results, and improving on the trading process is important to evolve to be a smart investor.
The smarter you get with the analysis process, the smarter you will be with your trades in the share market.

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